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Our mission is to educate the general public in appreciating the endurance and
beauty of older buildings from various periods throughout our nation's history.
In addition the public will also learn how to care for such buildings with scheduled
maintenance, where, when a problem such as a leaky roof arises, the issue will
be fixed right away instead of allowing the roof to get so bad that the whole
interior of the building becomes destroyed from water.  By fixing a problem as
soon as it arises, the repair work will be minimal.  Waiting to fix something
will only lead to more problems and more deterioration often causing a building
to become a vacant eyesore.  By that time the building would either need
exrtreme and costly repairs or may end up being demolished.  Once a building is
torn down, it's gone for good which is a great loss for future generations to
benefit.  We also educate people in recreating new uses for buildings that have
outlived their original use and enhance their communities.

Company Overview
Building Conservation International New York Chapter is a member of the
Preservation Leadership Forum of the National Trust For Historic Preservation
This website is owned by the New York Chapter of Building Conservation International (BCI)
a non profit whose main  location is in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. BCI is also an affiliate of the non profit
New York Citiworks which is a 501c3 with a purpose for empowering communities and people.
BCI communicates among  the public, various corporations, government, and other communities making them
aware that those great old buildings that have outlived their original use need to be recreated for new uses to save them
from the wrecking ball.  People from all walks of life can get involved  creating new uses for structures,
find potential investors and buyers so that new life can be brought back to them.
By recycling older buildings we are helping the environment and keeping the beauty and character of a neighborhood
with its unique heritage while also creating a new space that can fill a
community's growing needs.

We are a source where people can network across the country and the globe. Whenever a
city or community has an endangered building which is a white elephant, we can
assist them in finding somebody who can fix the building up and create a new
space which will enhance the community.  A former hospital or school can be
fixed up for senior citizen housing or affordable housing, a closed up church or
theater can be made into a community center, Etc.  Our webpage is where anybody
can find a solution to an existing white elephant or eyesore so that it can once
again become the beauty it was before.  Developers can also network to find new
spaces to fix up and enhance the communities.

General Information
A non profit program in which endangered buildings can be preserved and utilized for
the benefit of the communities..   Instead of tearing down buildings, communities,
preservation groups, investors and developers can all pitch in to recycle and
save our nation's heritage for generations to come.  This way our history will
always be alive and empowering.  BCI is an affiliate of New York Citiworks


Gersil M. Kay - Main location in Philadelphia
Patricia J. Murphy  - New York Chapter

Preston King - CEO of New York CItiworks



Older buildings have a story of how our country grew and developed.  Many are also a great work of art which beautifies many cities around the country.  By saving and restoring these buildings and sites we are keeping the history of our country alive for the future generations to experience and enjoy.  By tearing down these magnificent structures we are taking away our rich resources from our younger generations.  They will lose out on seeing how great our cities and country were.  


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