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Save Architecture Now

Save Our Historic Treasures for the Future. Preserve, Don't Destroy

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How you can help save an endangered building

Every building has a story.  The best thing is  to get the masses of people involved in wanting to save a building.  what kind of a building is it? what purpose did it have and how can it be given a new purpose.

Benefits of Historic Preservation

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Find out about the history of a building.  How old it is , what its original purpose was.  Find out people who were associated with the building's history.  If it's a house, who were all the families who lived there?  A workplace, who were all the people who worked there?  A school, who were all the students that were educated there?  Get all of these people involved to tell their story and support in saving the structure.


Contact historic preservation groups in your city. If you live in these areas contact groups here

Save Architecture Now of

Building Conservation International NY

1938 E. Tremont Ave 5G

Bronx NY 10462


We advocate across the USA and beyond

National Trust for Historic Preservation

2600 Virginia Ave NW Suite 1100

Washington DC 20037



historic preservation league of DC

1221 Connecticut Ave NW suite 5A

Washington DC 20036


Historic Districts Council

232 E. 11th Street

New York NY


Saint Louis MI Preservation Board

1520 Market St, Suite 2000

Saint Louis MI 63103


Chicago Planning & Development DPD

City Hall 121 N. Lasalle St Room 1000

Chicago Il 60602

Campaign for Greater Buffalo

14 Lafayette square #1425

Buffalo NY 14203


Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia

1608 Walnut Street suite 1702

Philadelphia PA 19103


If your area is not listed here you can look up your state and city to find landmark advocacy groups as Save architecture now and Building Conservation international advocates across the United States and beyond

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